Tachrichim are traditional, simple, white burial garments which are comprised of the following items.

mitznephet head covering Assembly Instructions
michnasayim pants Assembly Instructions
k'tonet shirt Assembly Instructions
kittel jacket Assembly Instructions
avnet belt A simple muslin strip
tallit prayer shawls These can be provided by the family, donated by the community or purchased.
sovev sheet A 90" x 90" unfinished piece of muslin.
drawstring bag Video Instructions

We fold and place each of the above items in a sealed plastic bag. Each of these bags is labeled with an identification sticker which can be downloaded here. All completed sets are then placed in a larger sealed plastic bag with the following insert. We also include a small empty bag with the completed sets to hold all solid materials used in preparing the body for burial.

Our patterns can be found here Threads of Tradition Tachrichim Pattern